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Department: TRIO
Immediate Supervisor: Tracie McDonald, TRIO Director

General Summary:
TRIO SSS Student Academic Tutor supports the program's goals of improving student retention, academic standing, and graduation rates. The Academic Student Tutor is one of the essential sources of academic, personal, and career guidance for Student Support Services participants. This position is less than part-time scheduled each quarter of each academic year.  

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that each student is signed in on the daily lab sign-in sheet and/or computer use sheet.
  • Ensure that each student is aware of your presence and is knowledgeable of your assistance you bring to this Lab.  
  • Be positive bring the “Bright side” to the academic needs of the student.
  • Assess the needs of the student and if you are unable to assist, refer to another tutor and when that tutor is scheduled to work.
  • Be knowledgeable and suggest the use of the online tutoring program for additional assistance.
  • Keep your conversations in the lab focused on persistence and completion, career readiness, financial literacy, academic and social integration and transfer options.  
  • Maintain documentation of SSS student interactions with counselors and faculty.
  • Stay aware of on campus events to keep student “In The Know.” The more the student is aware of on campus events and participates the likelier it is that he/she will stay in school.  
  • Keep coffee filled, keep table space cleaned and computer areas picked up. Encourage students to clean their area when leaving.
  • Tutors will be expected to oversee noise levels and mandate appropriate behavior for the student Lab.  
Minimum Qualifications:
SSS Tutor, at a minimum, will have the approval of an on-campus instructor that feels comfortable with your ability to tutor in the subject area you are requesting. SSS Tutors should be in their second year or beyond or completed an Associate’s degree and must have excelled academically in the subject areas to be tutored.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Referral from an on-campus instructor.
  • Basic knowledge of TRIO SSS services.
  • Some experience working with first-generation, low-income, and disabled students plus demonstrate patience for those who need additional academic assistance.
  • Tutors are encouraged to schedule time for Academic Success Tutor training to obtain a tutoring certificate.
  • Have a basic understanding of computers and printing as well as the programs used by students for classroom assignments.  
  • Tutors should be able to move tables, chairs, and computer equipment.
  •  Hours will be recorded with Professional Tutor.

Please contact Tracie McDonald or Allen Addison at TRIO SSS in RDIII for more information and application instructions.