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Boys and Girls Club Youth Program Assistant (BGC Internship)


Internship host site: Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation
Location: Ronan, MT
Supervisor: Amy Vaughan, Director of Operations & Unit Director
Contract dates: Negotiable
Work schedule: Negotiable
Compensation: $10.24 - 13.53 per hour based on the level of education and previous experience
Application closing date: Accepting applications all year; open until positions have been filled

Please note that many other positions are available at the Boys and Girls Club as well. The eligibility criteria and application requirements may vary based on the nature of and the funding source for the position. Please check the Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation employer page to see all available positions.


  • Full-time student in good academic standing
  • 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student by the start of the internship


Under the direct supervision of the Unit Director, the intern conducts programs and activities that further the mission of the Boys & Girls Club. This includes some program evaluation and administration. The intern is responsible to facilitate high yield activities that are either prepared by the intern or part of a specific curriculum. The intern may transition between different assignments on a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on the specific needs of the Boys & Girls Club and should come prepared for every work day prepared to be flexible. The position is 15-20 hours per week, Monday to Friday, with schedules to support afternoon programs on most days. While the Boys & Girls Club will be flexible with academic scheduling, the intern should have developed time management skills, communicating with the Unit Director frequently and in advance of expected schedule conflicts. There is flexibility in schedules to cover school vacations, public holidays and seasonal programming, with increased hours required as needs arise. 

The intern will be implementing programs to engage our youth and high school members ages 6-18. Interns are accountable for results in achieving program goals and objectives for the respective programs, including completing the requirements for the homework sessions and specified education activities. The intern will be integrated into the administration work of a non-profit organization to develop skills in human resources, budgeting, fundraising, customer service (internal and external), strengths-based leadership, and community relationships. The intern will participate in planning meetings, lead or facilitate staff trainings, and assist as needed in direct service situations with the youth we serve.

KEY ROLES (Essential Job Responsibilities)

Safety and Supervision
Ensure that: 
  • An accurate account of all youth attendees for programs are registered through the front reception desk. 
  • All youth are supervised at all times and feel safe and secure in the environment.
  • All agreements are being followed to support the roles and responsibilities of staff members and management at the Ronan Boys and Girls Club. 

Program Duties
  • Work directly with participants during scheduled programs.
  • Follow the Ronan Boys and Girls club procedures and operations to ensure effective program management.
  • Exercise positive reinforcement for participants.
  • Apply consistency and modeled values during programs, homework sessions and free time when interacting with youth participants.
  • Develop program proposals and activities that foster enriching experiences for the participants. Submit to the Program Leader for approval, agreement on costs and scheduling. 
  • Create an environment that facilitates the achievement of Youth Development Outcomes (Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles).
  • Maintain a positive relationship with all members.

Other Duties
  • Come dressed in the Ronan Club uniform for all scheduled sessions Monday – Friday. Staff shirt will be provided. Pants & closed toe shoes a must. 
  • Exercise an ability to change or modify program plans when necessary due to the dynamics of program participants and situations outside of the control of the program (e.g. weather).
  • When using club equipment, follow the instructions for checking out the items and returning them in good condition or better than the condition it was received. You are responsible for damaged or lost items and will be responsible to replace.
  • Ensure you have control of the program and participants at all times during your shift at the Ronan Boys and Girls club.
  • Provide assistance in implementing programs from BGCA (Boys & Girls Club of America) or other organizations.

Additional Responsibilities
  • May participate in special programs and or events
  • May be required to drive Club van


Internal: Maintains close, daily contact with Club staff (professional and volunteer) and supervisor to receive/provide information, discuss issues, explain guidelines/instructions; instruct; and advise/counsel.

External: Maintains contact with members, families and the general public to give and obtain information, either in response to inquiries or as instructed by supervisor


  • Demonstrated ability for working with youth, motivating youth and managing youth behavioral challenges. 
  • Associates (AA) degree or equivalent preferred but not required.
  • Specific youth program experience in health and wellness, sports and recreation, arts, STEM and entrepreneurship preferred.
  • The ability to create strong relationships with youth in a short period of time.
  • A demonstrated interest in developing a variety of youth programs.
  • Valid State Driver’s License for 21 years and over AND the ability to qualify for Club’s auto insurance coverage
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug screening
  • Mandatory CPR and First Aid Certifications (can be completed in the first 6 months of employment)


The Boys & Girls Club is a fast pace environment. You must be physically able to engage in games and activities that are children-appropriate. You must be able to lift 25lbs.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented indicates the general nature and level of work expected of employees in this classification. It is not designed to contain, nor to be interpreted as, a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and objectives required of employees assigned to this job.

Required application materials
  1. Boys and Girls Club Internship Program Application
  2. Completed Handshake student profile
  3. Resume
  4. Cover letter
  5. Current transcript
  6. Video interview via Big Interview
Application instructions  
  1. Complete the Project Success Paid Internship Program application on DocuSign. If you have not received an email with the document already, please please click HERE to request the application form or contact Eva Oruste at the Career Services. In your request, please specify the name, position, and email address of the faculty member who will be your Faculty Mentor for this position.
  2. Activate your account or log in to Handshake with your student email at
  3. Complete your Handshake profile. (Please note that you can save time by using the "Build Profile from Resume" feature. This option will be available as soon as you upload your resume. However, you should review and add details to your profile later if you decide to use this feature.)
  4. Prepare your resume. Please see the Resources section for helpful guides and samples. Use the following naming convention to title your resume: "Your last name_Resume_Date". Example: "Oruste_Resume_7_2020"
  5. Prepare your cover letter. Your cover letter must be addressed to the position supervisor and address the specific details outlined in the job description. Please see the Resources section for helpful guides and samples. Use the following naming convention to title your cover letter: "Your last name_Position/organization applying for_CL_Date". Example: "Oruste_Library_WS_CL_7_2020"
  6. Download your transcript from JICS and save it as a PDF document. Do not save the web view of the document! Use the Custom Transcript button at the bottom of the transcript screen to create a PDF version of the document. If you can not access your transcript on JICS for any reason, please obtain a copy (can be unofficial) from your advisor or Enrollment Services. Use the following naming convention to title your transcript: "Your last name_Transcript_Date". Example: "Oruste_Transcript_7_2020"
  7. You can upload your resume, cover letter, and transcript into your documents folder for easy access later when applying for jobs. You may choose to make your resume visible to the public if you have had either the Job Service or Career Services review and proofread it and wish the recruiters to see it. However, DO NOT make the cover letter, transcript, and other documents (e.g. course schedule) visible to the public!
  8. Click the "Apply" button to the right of the position title.
  9. Upload your resume, cover letter, and transcript into appropriate boxes. Please make sure you attach the most current transcript and correct resume and cover letter!
  10. Click "Submit Application."
  11. Complete and submit your video interview via BigInterview. Please see the directions below.


STEP 1: Activate your account or log in to BigInterview
  1. Use your SKC student email to log into BigInterview at
  2. If this is your first time using the platform, please click "Register" to set your password.
  3. Watch the video tutorial at before starting!
STEP 2: Prepare for the interview
Watch the tutorials for the questions listed below. Draft and practice your answers.
  1. Tell me about yourself. TUTORIAL
  2. Why do you want to work for us? TUTORIAL
  3. What are the top three strengths that you would bring to this role? TUTORIAL
  4. What are your weaknesses? TUTORIAL
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years? TUTORIAL

STEP 3: Record and submit your interview
  1. Go to the "Assignments" tab (in the top navigation bar).
  2. Enter code a8007b in the assignment code field.
  3. Click "Go".
  4. Record your responses by clicking “Start recording”.
  5. Click “Stop recording” when you are done. You’ll see a green checkmark next to the question if it has been successfully saved.
  6. Click “Re-record” if you aren’t satisfied with your response. This will overwrite your existing recording.
  7. Save your answer. It takes a few minutes for the video to process, so be patient. 
  8. When you finish recording all responses, click “Submit Assignment”.
  9. Once you have submitted the assignment, you can find it under the Assignments - Submitted tab. Please share your final, complete interview with Amy Vaughan at
Your Handshake profile must be completed and all required application materials must be submitted before the application closing date posted in the position announcement.
Hiring process
  1. Your application packet will be forwarded to the position supervisor. 
  2. The supervisor will review your resume, cover letter, transcripts, course schedule, and video interview and will determine if you will be invited to an interview.
  3. The position supervisor will contact you directly to arrange an interview time.
  4. Upon the completion of the interviews, the supervisor will notify the BGC Internship Program Coordinator whether or not you have been selected for the job and the intent to hire.
  5. BGC Internship Program Coordinator will notify you and forward further directions.
In order to complete the hiring process, you are required to:
  1. Schedule and attend the Project Success Internship Orientation.
  2. Complete the 2021 W4. Students who have never worked at SKC before must also complete the full SKC hiring packet. These documents will be available at the orientation.
  3. Agree to the terms of and sign the BGC Internship Program contract. A list of student obligations will be included in the contract. It is the student’s responsibility to seek clarification if the obligations stated are not understood.
  4. Complete the online Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training.
Expectations of students participating in the BGC Internship Program
  1. The student must be enrolled at SKC, maintain full-time status, and make satisfactory academic progress in order to be eligible for and continue to participate in the BGC Internship Program. "Full-time" is defined as being enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits. "Satisfactory progress" means the successful completion each quarter and a minimum of 2.5 GPA as a full-time student.  
  2. At all times, maintain frequent communication with the direct supervisor, faculty/staff mentor, and the BGC Internship Program Coordinator.
  3. If seeking credit, meet with the faculty/staff mentor to review the syllabus, learning objectives, tasks and projects, performance expectations, deadlines, deliverables, and evaluation criteria and schedule. Enroll in an appropriate course.
  4. Complete the orientation and any additional processes, documents, and/or trainings as required by the sponsoring organization (e.g. background check, CPR training, etc.)
  5. Abide by the SKC Student Code of Conduct, the rules outlined in the SKC Policies and Procedures Manual, and all applicable policies, procedures, and expectations of the sponsoring organization.  
  6. Remain on the job for the duration of the period certified.
  7. Follow the supervisor’s directions and perform work assignments in a professional, responsible, mature, and ethical manner. 
  8. Maintain confidentiality at the sponsoring organization. 
  9. Adhere to the agreed-upon work schedule.  
  10. Notify the employer when illness or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents attendance or timely arrival at work. Submit the request for time off at least two weeks prior to the planned absence (conference, event, etc.).
  11. Accurately record work hours actually spent on internship-related activities. Claiming paid time for doing homework or attending to tasks not directly related to the position is fraudulent.
  12. Submit timesheets on JICS by the specified due time. 
  13. Submit the Internship Time and Effort Reports to the BGC Internship Program Coordinator via DocuSign by the specified due time.
  14. Submit bi-weekly reflections, reports, task logs, or other documents to the direct supervisor, faculty/staff mentor, and/or the BGC Internship Program Coordinator as requested.
  15. Complete quarterly self-evaluations and submit to the direct supervisor, faculty/staff mentor, and/or the BGC Internship Program Coordinator as requested.
  16. Participate in performance evaluations as requested by the supervisor.
  17. Complete any other requirements (e.g. professional development modules, workshops, etc.) as specified in the position description and/or contract.
  18. If seeking credit, complete any other requirements (e.g. report) as specified in the syllabus and/or requested by the faculty/staff mentor.
  19. Notify the faculty/staff mentor and the BGC Program Coordinator immediately if any issues with the placement arise. The student, faculty/staff mentor, and BGC Internship Program Coordinator will jointly articulate a plan for any action or intervention required.
  20. Give adequate notice to the direct supervisor, faculty/staff mentor, and BGC Internship Program Coordinator when resigning from the position before the specified contract end date.
SKC will immediately terminate the employment if the intern fails to complete a minimum of 12 credits with a 2.0 GPA during the academic quarter of the internship and/or in cases of severe policy and conduct violations not related to employment. The direct supervisor may discontinue the employment of the intern in cases of a breach of behavior, inadequate performance, or any other seriously unsatisfactory situation. A request for termination along with the reasons for a student's dismissal must be submitted to the BGC Internship Program Coordinator. Unsatisfactory work situations may include the following:
  1. Repeated failure to comply with the agreed-upon work schedule.
  2. The unwillingness to adequately accomplish the assigned tasks.
  3. Insubordination or lack of cooperation.
  4. Violation of the SKC Student Conduct Code, SKC Policies and Procedures, or policies and procedures of the sponsoring organization.
  5. Fraudulent hours being documented on the timesheet.
  1. Click HERE to download the SKC Resume Guide.
  2. Click HERE to download the SKC Cover Letter Guide.
  3. For help preparing for the interview, please use your student email to join or log into Big Interview. The platform offers hundreds of written and video tutorials as well as mock interview practice and resume builder tools. 
  4. Finally, the Career Services staff is always available to assist you with drafting, reviewing, and/or revising your application materials. Please contact Eva Oruste at or use the Handshake appointment tool to make an appointment.